Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands


Each member of the Marching Blue Devils is required to satisfy a minimum of two volunteer shifts as described in their band contract. These requirements can be satisfied by having a friend or family member work volunteer shifts. However, many parents and boosters sign up and work much more than two shifts. This experience allows you to be a part of the band in a very meaningful way. Keep reading to learn more about what these volunteer position entail and how you can sign up.

Volunteer Positions


Concessions stands volunteers work in both the home and visitors concessions stands at SHS Football Games. Tasks include cooking, serving customers, and cleaning. For a more detailed description of concessions stand volunteer duties, please view our MBD Concession Quick Guide.


Chaperones travel with MBD to away football games, on field trips, and to band competitions. Duties include being present during bus rides and providing general guidance for band members. Call times for chaperones coincide with call times for MBD in most cases.

Road Crew

The road crew helps transport MBD equipment to and from performances. MBD members are responsible for managing the equipment at events, getting equipment on and off the field, and storing the equipment in the band room. Typical duties include loading and unloading instrument cases.

Cotton Candy

MBD has a cotton candy booth each year at the Kiwanis-Ogeechee Fair. Cotton Candy volunteers make and sell cotton candy to customers, clean, etc. This is only a one-week event each year.

Signing Up to Volunteer

Signing up to volunteer in Charms allows us to keep track of volunteer participation for your MBD member in order to satisfy their volunteer requirements. It also allows us to stay in contact with you in order to share details about the event. Use the steps below or download detailed instructions to sign up for a volunteer shift:

  1. Navigate to the MBD Charms site.
  2. Click on the “Volunteer Needs” dropdown on the Volunteers tab.
  3. Select an event/date and click the “Show Volunteer Needs” button.
  4. Enter your info and click the “Sign Up” button.