Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands



Registration fees for the East GA Marching Band Championships are as follows:

Fee Type                                                           Amount

Contest Registration                                        $75

Performance Bond (GA schools only)     $500

Performance bonds will be returned in your registration packet on arrival. All checks should be made payable to SHS Band Boosters.

Bands are scheduled in the order complete registrations are received. Earlier registration = later performance time (within each class).

The East Georgia Marching Band Championships is a GMEA Event. We utilize approved materials and follow all GMEA-approved guidelines for scoring, classification, administration, and performance practice at our event. All rules set forth in the GMEA handbook apply during this event.

CLASSIFICATION – Determined by Wind players only.

Size (Winds) Classification
Up to 40 Class A
41-59 Class AA
60-79 Class AAA
80-100 Class AAAA
101 or more Class AAAAA






It is permissible for a band to enter a higher classification, but not a lower one.


The East Georgia Marching Band Championships uses Caption Style judging system.

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding panel of qualified judges who are experts in their field. You get quality, unbiased judging, great comments, and suggestions on how to improve your performance!



  • 2 Music Judges
  • 1 Marching Maneuver Judge
  • 1 General Judge

Overall Band placement is determined by Caption style scoring system. Class placements for Band and the Sweepstakes Champion will be determined by the band score only.


Point Spread

Category Rating Point Spread
Superior I 85-100
Excellent II 70-84.9
Good III 55-69.9
Fair IV 0-54.9






Bands are assigned seating – a seating chart will be provided, and seats will be labeled. We ask that all bands sit in their assigned sections so that EVERYONE may enjoy the event. Womack field has plenty of seating, all of which has a great view of the field.