Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands

Red Carpet Experience

What exactly is our “Red Carpet Experience??”

Statesboro High School has a state of the art facility. Our school is beautiful, our stadium is perfect. Our home is our palace, and in a palace – people should feel like royalty.

Marching Band preparation happens in the worst imaginable conditions: parking lot practice fields, bugs, bright sun, record high temperatures, sweat, humidity….the list goes on and on. We believe that your contest experience shouldn’t have to be torture, as well!

We have plenty of warm-up space, convenient loading /unloading zones, and a traffic pattern designed to get you where you need to be without 5 mile hikes to the start gate. Warm up areas are separated from Womack field by our school building – minimizing distractions during your on-field performance. When it’s time to go, you won’t spend an hour waiting in line to exit the parking lot!

For Directors and Staff:

  • Our hospitality room is located close to the field in our school cafeteria: a climate-controlled space with a “glass wall” which overlooks Womack field.
  • Director hospitality will be stocked with foods and snacks – all day long!
  • From start to finish, our staff will take care of all your festival needs!

Forget tents on the side of the field…no more classrooms with finger foods. Hospitality is close to the performance field, leaving you able to keep an eye on the competition AND your students, all while keeping refreshed.

Feeling guilty? Don’t…your students will be well taken care of, too!

  • Plenty of concessions – food, drinks, desserts, goodies – so much more than “stadium food.”
  • Plenty of vendors – shirts, videos, “band fan / spirit” gear
  • Great seats with a view of the action
  • Plenty of clean, attended restrooms