Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands

Performing Groups


Marching Band is made up of students in grades 9-12.  This group performs for the Football games, Marching Festivals and Competitions, parades and more.

Color Guard is made up of students in grades 9-12.  Guard is auxiliary to the Marching band and performs for Football games, Marching Festivals and Competitions, parades and more.

Symphonic Winds is an auditioned ensemble made up of students in grades 9-12. This ensemble is considered the most advanced instrumental group on campus. Wind Ensemble performs at five concerts during the school year, including Fall, Christmas, Pre-LGPE, LGPE, and Spring.  Music difficulty levels are advanced.

Concert Band is made up of students from grades 9-12. This ensemble performs at concerts through out the school year, including Fall, Christmas, and Spring. Music difficulty levels range from medium to medium-advanced.

Percussion Ensemble is made up of students from grades 9-12. This ensemble provides percussionists the opportunity to study in depth all facets of percussion. Fundamentals are stressed and concerts are performed several times throughout the year. Percussionist must be enrolled in the percussion class in order to participate.

Jazz Ensemble is an extracurricular activity that forms, rehearses and performs throughout the school year.  Membership in the Jazz Ensemble is open to students enrolled in one of the band classes   Membership can also be extended,  at the director’s discretion, to other SHS students that possess a special musical talent (guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano). The Jazz Ensemble rehearses before school during the fall 7:15 AM – 7:50 AM 2 days a week and in the spring after school 1 or 2 days a week from 3:20 PM to approximately 4:30 PM.

Statesboro Steel (Steel Drum Ensemble) is made up of students from grades 9-12.  Created in 2008, the Statesboro Steel Carribean Ensemble gives Statesboro High students the opportunity to be exposed to a unique instrument. Thanks to support from past Principal Marty Waters and the generosity of the Statesboro community, we were able to purchase a full set of Steel Drums (commonly called “pans”).

Small Ensembles SHS students benefit greatly from taking on independent roles in small ensembles.  Experience in chamber ensembles builds confidence, playing skills, tone production, and gives you a chance to share your talent with close friends in a much more intimate environment. Membership is open to any student, regardless of grade level.  We will form as many groups as we have personnel for. These ensembles may be student lead and coached by the band director. Ensembles are encouraged to participate in the GMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival, held each Spring.


Individual Performance Opportunities

Statesboro High has been fortunate to have members in the GA All-State Band every year since 2007, including #1 finishers: Melanie Schmid (Horn – 2008), Colby Parker (Tuba – 2008, 2009), Ben Lloyd (2013, 2014 – French Horn), Ben Crawford (2013, 2015 – French Horn), Eric Kollars (2013, 2014, 2015 – Percussion), Robert Lloyd (2016 – percussion), and Payne Akins (2017 – tuba).

Statesboro High Students are occasionally offerred membership in college honor clinics, such as Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Winterfest clinic, and the University of Georgia’s JanFest Clinic.  Membership requirements vary by event.