Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands


Why do the Band Boosters and Band students fund raise?

Only a portion of the funding for the Statesboro High School Band program is provided by the Bulloch County School System. We are very fortunate to have the funding support that we have. Our schools are some of the most financially efficient businesses imaginable….especially in today’s tough budgetary times. The Band program is an expensive endeavor. A tuba costs approximately $6000 to purchase…Statesboro High has 3 tubists. The DrumLine uses 5 Basses ($1000 each), 4 Snare Drums ($800 each), 2 Tenor sets ($1400 each), and 4 pairs of cymbals ($200 each)…and those “bell guys down front” need instruments, too ($2,000 here; $6,000 there).

Our band needs funding above and beyond the funds provided by the School System to survive. Your support of our band program not only gives you good food at a football game, fresh cotton candy at the fair, a clean car, or an evening out with the family at a local restaurant , it helps our band members do extraordinary things. Our program participates competitively and plays concerts, town events, special events,and more – all at no charge for the public. Music makes Statesboro a better place to live, work, and play – the Statesboro High School Band is the largest school organization in Bulloch County, serving you and your neighbors and friends each day. Next time a band member or a booster comes to your door, buy something with pride, knowing that you’ve contributed to the band’s success.

Please check the calendar on this site and the Charms calendar for all upcoming fundraisers.