Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands


The newly completed Statesboro High School is a state of the art $42 Million facility. Construction took place over 3.5 years – our new school was built AROUND the old building (no easy feat, especially given the results). The result is a beautiful building that is the hallmark of our community.

We invite you to come visit “our house.” A 1200 seat Performing Arts Auditorium, 2 Gymnasiums, and architectural features abound to make our building one of the most useful and beautiful schools in the region.

Womack field is no exception. The stadium is right next to the school, offering easy access to our new school’s amenities. The field has two large, full-service concession stands, each with 6 large serving windows and their own kitchens. Restrooms are plentiful (4 large restrooms on each side) and attached to the concession buildings.

The field itself is natural Bermudagrass groomed to perfection and lovingly maintained by Steve Pennington and his coaching staff. Surrounding the field is a large grass outcropping followed by a 5-lane rubberized track. All seating is at least 10 feet off of field level – both sides of the stadium have 2 levels on concrete / brick bleachers. This place is beautiful…the perfect place for your band to perform!

Warm up areas are close to the stadium, but sound-isolated by our school’s angular design. You’ll have plenty of space to work with your group as you get them ready for the performance of a lifetime – and no more 2 mile trail hikes to get to the starting gate. All pathways are paved. Your buses and equipment trucks will be close to both warm-up and the stadium – helping you be prepared at all times.

Parking is a snap. We have plenty of parking for buses, trucks, and spectators – Buses and trucks are closer to the “business end” of the contest than ever before! Thanks to the aid of Statesboro’s top-notch police force, you’ll be out and on your way home directly after the contest, with a smooth flow of traffic.