Statesboro High School Bands

Statesboro High School Bands


Being in marching band is a rewarding experience – we all know it; your students probably know it…does your school administration and community know? How do you show others outside your “band family” that your school has a quality band program?

The East Georgia Marching Championship is designed primarily to support and promote marching band as an artistic, athletic, and an academic endeavor. Our judges reward bands who perform creative and challenging shows – regardless of band size. You and your staff worked hard all season to put together a quality performance; your students have practiced hard in the heat…our contest is designed to give them the recognition they deserve!

We offer awards for Superior and Excellent ratings in:

  • Overall Band Score 
  • Auxiliaries (Flag, Dance / Majorette)
  • Percussion
  • Drum Major

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies are presented to the top 3 finishers in each class.

Best in class trophies are also presented for Auxiliaries, Percussion, and Drum Major.

The Grand Champion (highest Band Score of the day) will receive the “Biggest Trophy EVER.” It’s a Statesboro tradition – we give one of the most prestigious trophies of all contests in our region…the trophy we give reflects this honor.